About Us

Jr. RangerLand began in the spring of 2009 when we traveled to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. While there, our kids participated in the Junior Ranger program. It was lots of fun and we learned many things about the park in the process. We investigated a visitor center gift shop to purchase a memento of our trip. We saw an opportunity for a series of games to continue the Junior Ranger experience at home. On our drive back to Michigan, our family worked together to create Jr. RangerLand. The first version was drawn in the backseat by our 8-year-old daughter. Over the following months, Jr. RangerLand, Great Smoky Mountains Edition was born.

Jr. RangerLand is designed by Haywood Studios Inc., located in Hastings, Michigan. Haywood Studios Inc. is a design and product development company. We have been involved in the children’s toy and publication market since 1998 and are excited to use our experience to create Jr. RangerLand. We look forward to creating a full line of products to encourage children in their discovery of our natural world.