Selfie Stands


selfie stand photo

Have fun in your store with a Jr. RangerLand Selfie Stand!  These colorful stands are approximately 60 inches tall.  They come with their own easel backer and are just the right size for kids of all ages.  Each stand is composed of a corrugated plastic material about 3/16 inches thick.  The easel backer is composed of corrugated cardboard.  Shipping weight for one stand is approximately 5 pounds.

Visual representation of each design can be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


79205 National Park Ranger Woman and BoyAdd to Cart79205 National Park Ranger Woman and Boy   $150.00

79204 National Park Ranger Man and GirlAdd to Cart79204 National Park Ranger Man and Girl  $150.00

<a href=Add to Cart79206 Lewis, Clark and Seaman  $150.00

79210 Cave ExplorerAdd to Cart79210 Cave Explorer  $150.00

79211 Canoeing KidsAdd to Cart79211 Canoeing Kids  $150.00

79213 State Park Ranger Woman and Boy
Add to Cart79213 State Park Ranger Woman and Boy  $150.00

<a href=Add to Cart79212 State Park Ranger Man and Girl  $150.00

79214 Paleontologist and ChildAdd to Cart79214 Paleontologist and Child  $150.00

79216 Civil War SoldiersAdd to Cart79216 Civil War Soldiers  $150.00

79218 Revolutionary War drummerAdd to Cart79218 Revolutionary War Drummer  $150.00

79219 Woman Hiker and Boy
Add to Cart79219 Hiker Woman and Boy $150.00

79200 CentennialAdd to Cart79200 Centennial Junior Ranger  $150.00